In his many decades of work, J.W. Freiberg has met many people who have made it their life’s mission to help others overcome struggles and improve human connection. This site is dedicated to celebrating these individuals, to thank them for their service and to give readers a way to meet them and connect with them.

This site celebrates people & organizations who help improve human connections including:Psychologists
Social Workers
Human Services Organizations
Adoption Agencies
and many others …


As part of our HEROES OF HUMAN CONNECTION profiles we celebrate BCIL, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has provided services to people with disabilities since 1974, when it became the second independent living center in the country.

Learn more at http://bostoncil.org/

BCFS -Global Network of Non-Profits Creating Lasting Change

BCFS is an innovative and dynamic system of non-profit organizations that is constantly evolving to meet the needs of at-risk populations. BCFS partners with government agencies, corporations, non-profits, and community leaders to develop programs and service models that combat challenges in health and human services.

Learn more at https://bcfs.net/about-bcfs

Center for Hope

The Center for Hope is the beginning of a new path for recovery, offering case management and access to counseling and mental health services; substance use disorder treatment and recovery services; housing assistance and referrals for food and furniture; and a place to sit and play cards after a shower and a hot meal. The Center for Hope offers just that – hope for each new day that comes, for a city that won’t give up and the individuals and families who live here..

Learn more at http://www.catholiccharitiesflint.org/centerforhope/

Mexican American Opportunity Foundation

The Mexican American Opportunity Foundation (MAOF) is a non-profit, community-based organization that was established in 1963 in order to serve disadvantaged individuals and families in the Los Angeles area. MAOF is the largest Latino-oriented, family services organization in the United States, and has achieved this status by providing high quality social services and programs to those communities where the need is the greatest.

Learn more at  http://www.maof.org/mission-vision-and-values/

The Council on Quality and Leadership

Grounded in over 40 years of leadership and peer-reviewed research, CQL Accreditation promotes excellence in person-centered services and supports that lead to increased quality of life.

Learn more at https://c-q-l.org/

One Voice Central Texas

A coalition of nearly 100 nonprofit health and human service organizations working to make sure that everyone can contribute to our community and thrive.

Learn more at  https://onevoicecentraltx.org/